DSTV Bouquet Online Payment Options In Nigeria

DSTV Bouquet Online Payment Options In Nigeria

DSTV Bouquet Online Payment Options In Nigeria

To subscribe your Dstv or multi-choice Decoder you can go to any multi-choice branches or offices closer to you to make the payment of any amount of your choice.Now there have been a new way you can make a payment without evening have to go to any office closet to you before you can be able to subscribe to any amount of your choice; We are talking about about the online payment which is now available for all to subscribe at home. you can now subscribe while lying down even when are you cooking you call just go online and subscribe as long you have internet access. Here are how you can make you payment below.

1. Via Quickteller

Quickteller has made online payment across all platforms in Nigeria very easy, safe and fast it is also one of the means you can subscribe your Dstv. it works with the popular integrated biling system (IBS) and also shows the subscriber current values that prompt the automatic re-connection of any disconnected service. Quickteller is among the fastest and safe way to make transaction in Nigeria.

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2. PAGA e=pay

New way on how to make payment for Dstv subscription is though PAGA. PAGA e=pay is one of the ways you can make your online Dstv subscription to use PAGA you just have to go to dstv.com and signing in. After in putting the required details, sign in and Choose Page e-Pay. follow the instructions, and your DSTV would be subscribed in no distant time.

3.Via Mobile Banking App

With the advancement of Technology things are be coming very easy these days most individuals have accounts with banks all across the country and the globe and can make payments with their different mobile banking app which can be gotten from the mobile google playstore so as to enable users and customers have easier and probably better means transactions across the country. These banking apps can allow for easier usage or payments without moving an inch from your current location, providing there’s a standard network connection. In regarding making payment for DSTV Subscriptions With Mobile Banking Apps, you will be required to provide the DSTV smart card number you are going recharge and follow the necessary steps that will be provided for you on the platform.

4 Via KongaPay

In other to make payments for your DStv subscription using KongaPay, all you need do is visit kongapay.com or download the app ( either for
you Android or iOS device). Register and log in to your account. Go to services and bills and select TV subscription, select DStv as the subscription type, input your smart card number and follow the instruction

5. Globalpay

You can also make a very fast online payment for DSTV subscription via the use of GlobalPAY. All you need do is log onto eazy.dstv.com and sign into your account. Select the pay page and choose GlobalPAY. Fill in the payment details with appropriate information Last and First Names; Mobile Number, e-mail Address; Customer Number and Smartcard Number. After filing the information click on Complete Payment GlobalPAY.com. Then you will get to the official GlobalPAY website. There you should select your Card Type and after that write your Card Number and click Pay. Once debitted your subscription would be

6. Eazy Money

this is unique to zenith bank Nigeria only. In this method payment is made with the use of Eazy Money mobile wallet online (go to eazy.dstv.com/pay). You should write your mobile number and then Eazy money PIN. If you do not own an eazymoney wallet, you can register at any Zenith Bank branch and get one within a few minutes. You can also register online by dialing *966#.

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