How To Become A Nollywood Actress Or Actor

How To Become A Nollywood Actress Or Actor

How To Become A Nigerian Nollywood Actress Or Actor

You have always seen your self in Nollywood movies, but it turn out to be a dream that dream can be a reality here and now with this step that we will give you in this page. Many Nigerian are currently searching for how they can jointhe Nollywood industry . Many people have fall in the hand of Fraudsters and pretenders. While people do fall in the hand of fraudsters because they don’t know how to go about becoming an actor or actress here in Nigeria.

It’s no longer news that an average actor or actress in this part of the world makes a minimum of N5, 000,000 yearly. That’s for actors or actresses who are not even known in the industry. The real icons make much more. They charge as high as N2, 000,000 for per movie, depending on the budget of the producing company. Still, it is important that I warn you about the inherent danger associated with quests like this. While you go about looking for the phone numbers of actors and actresses to call to help you gain entry into Nollywood, fraudsters are aware of it and are capitalizing on this to give out fake numbers
on various websites through which they defraud, rape or lure ladies into inhuman sexual activities. Even some of the actors themselves are said to have used the opportunity to take advantage of ladies too.

Before I forge ahead in this article, I have to warn you of the risks and dangers involved in the quest. A lot of aspiring actors and actresses have fall victims to scammers, rapist and even ritualist. In their desperation to make it to the industry, they open their mind to do anything which might even cause them their life. Granted, most of these girls who are desperately looking for breakthrough into the Nollywood are very much ready and interested in being exploited sexually as long as that helps them climb the Nollywood starship ladder. Some are said to have even sent their nude pictures to male celebrities actors in effort to seduce them, hoping that will help them get a role in a movies. This article may not be for these ones.

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There’s no shortcut to success, with an amazing talent, making it to the limelight becomes very easy. In this article, I’m going to guider you on how you can become a Nigerian Nollywood actor or actress in just simple steps. However, if you are looking for straight forward means to become a Nollywood actress or actor, pay attention to this post. The process is not difficult as long as you already have the talent because talent is what make a great star.


Before you can be part of the industry you have to make sure you own your craft, your talent will have to make the head ways for you,you have to that good that’s hard to resist or overlook, making it becomes very easy.

1. Acting might be a gift but you will also need to attend an acting school or academy.


The town you are in matters a lot because you might be a local star but you are not an international star . So i will advice you to move to a big city like Lagos. The biggest movie events, audition etc is always happening in Lagos. Lagos is also where over 90% of all Nollywood actors and actresses reside.


Audition is the fasted means of letting producers spot your talent without delay. Look for legitimate auditions and avail yourself to it, who knows, that may just be your breakthrough. f you don’t go out there to exhibit your talent,

you’ll remain where you are despite being the best. Most Nigerian youths are talented in acting. They can act so well in their bedroom, but finds it hard to do the same in front of an audience. To become a renowned actor or actress in Nigeria, you’ve to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You have grasped every audition opportunity or talent hunt.


Having examined yourself and believed you are truly talented, your next and possibly final step is to approach a Legitimate Talent Agency in Nigeria and let them test you out. Just like modeling, there are also agencies in the acting industry where you can register as an actor or actress. Registration is usually not free, but it’s worth it. The only disadvantages will be if you’re not really talented. In that case, you’ll merely be wasting money. Even if you succeed to land yourself a role by sleeping with either the director or producer, would you also sleep with people, to turn them to fans? Above all, talent is what counts.


Social media in this era has made things very easy. you can make a connection ith just a puch of a button. There are lots of movies directors and producers on twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.


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