How To Become A Recharge Card Distributor In Nigeria

Become A Recharge Card Distributor In Nigeria

How To Become A Recharge Card Distributor In Nigeria

With the development of the world comes mobile phones and since then mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. Even though a fairly recent technology in Nigeria, it has attained a mind blowing level of penetration among Nigerians. Since mobile phones came to Nigeria in the early 2000s the acceptance level has skyrocketed. Now phones is so common now that everyone can boast of a phone or may be two phones. what fuels these phones? the answer is simple! Recharge Cards!. Recharge card is an essential requirement especially if you wish to carry out any meaningful activity with your mobile phone.

How To Become Recharge Card Distributor in Nigeria

Since mobile phone came about it has developed over the years, now you can do a lot with your mobile phones. At a time recharge card was just for calls but today recharge cards are used for subscribing data and also for voice calls and lots more. Whatever your reasons for buying recharge cards is, the fact is that they are an invaluable requirement for communication. The sales of recharge card is huge in Nigeria, Nigeria is the best place where you can do your recharge card business. This is because of the number of population in the country using mobile phones, this is because of the tremendous amount of calls are made per day. The telecom service providers are making over hundreds of billions each day.

The Major Players

Not to long ago South Africa was the largest telecom market in Africa, but now Nigeria has over taken they in the telecom market in Africa. Nigeria size in population largely contributed to this growth. In Nigeria telecom market there are several players but there are major players in the industry, those major players they dominate the country’s telecoms service provider arena.

The major players are MTN (A South Africa telecom company and currently the biggest), Globacom or Glo as is commonly called (having Nigerian origin, and the second largest), Airtel (from India), and 9 Mobile (formerly Etisalat) which is trying to emerge out of a prolonged financial crisis which led to a change in its ownership.

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All these companies are the telecom service providers in Nigeria. There services includes the provision of voice and data services to clients. To be able to have all these privileges you have to buy their SIM cards.

The Scope of Business

The first and important thing that you need is to have the clear picture of your scope of business. What am trying to say is that you have to know the size of your start up, it is important. In other words, we imply getting multiple distributorship or single distributorship. If you have multiple distributorship, you can choose to become a distributor of one telecoms company or more telecoms companies. There are always people who want to become multiple distributors. You might find an individual becoming a distributor of MTN, Glo, 9Mobile (formerly Etisalat) and Airtel. Having a clear vision of this is very important

Distributorship Rights Procedure

You and the telecom company must have some kind of agreement in place before you can obtain distributorship rights. Each company has its own before you can become its distributor. The only thing that is common between all the company is that an agreement or contract must be struck between the parties that are involved before the commencement of business..

Each of this telecom companies has there name for what they call the agreement, for MTN Nigeria this contract is called Trade Partnership agreement. For Glo it is called Business Associates while 9 Mobile calls it Distributions Partner and also Airtel calls it the Channel Partners agreement. It is the same way of informing all the companies of you intention for business, all you need to do is either by visiting their website or going to their head offices in person. All the telecom have there head offices located at all state capitals.

Knowing Your Scale of Operation

Knowing and understanding of the kind of business that you are going in is very important. When you become a major distributor these allows you to deal directly with the company. Becoming a major distributors you could be at the top of the recharge card business chain just like the major distributors. Investments are usually substantial. This typically runs into millions. Investments can be as high as N10,000,000.00 and above. If you could understand this it will allow you to plan well base on your financial strength.

Drafting a Business Plan

After doing all the background checks and conducting feasibility studies that you want, you should use the gathered information to write a solid business plan. But you need to know that the business plan that is writing by you can determine the fate of the business, as a shabbily written business plan has the capacity of derailing the business venture. If you know that you are not good enough to write a good business seek the help of people who are skilled in this area. They will help you produce a business plan that will be of great significance to the business.

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