How To Do Money Rituals In Nigeria

money rituals in nigeria

How To Do Money Rituals In Nigeria

Many have asked or searched for the right sources on how to make Money Rituals In Nigeria. Well in the article we are going to talk about when and how long it all started.

In Nigeria the use of black magic is known as juju, this was common in the early 20s and late 90s but it is still potency till today. The use of black magic which is also known as voodoo or juju comes from the traditional African religion

Black magic is very common among the people living in Africa, different kind of people has use the power in what ever way they chose. For them to be able to keep on using this power at the highest level they have sacrifice the souls of their wives and children and some time even their friends, siblings, and even their parents. This was believe that by doing this sacrifice you would be able to have unlimited sources of money.

The money will keep on coming as long as they can continue to perform human sacrifice to renew the voodoo (juju). This has become so rampart now in Nigeria that some rich men and young rich boys are accused of this act. The black magic to few it serves as protection and it also serves or make them famous.

In the high ranking of voodoo there is witchcraft which is believed to the lowest in the ranking in terms of voodoo (juju) powers.

Nowadays Christianity has push most people from doing voodoo (juju) activities. The worshiping of Voodoo is not some thing that is common just in Africa, some Native Americans such as the cherokees and the Apaches believe in Voodoo (juju) powers. Nowadays Christianity has push most people from doing voodoo (juju) activities. Voodoo (juju) is very popular in Benin Republic.

The fact that they are powerless before God Almighty does not mean they cannot harm mortal men. Not everyone believe in the supernatural but that is there mistake because life is supernatural.

The difference between Juju and voodoo the traditional African religion is that, the traditional African religion or voodoo mostly helps people unlike Juju which mostly harms people. Though the name Juju may sound strange to some people, voodoo is part of African culture and traditions. These simply means that Africans can not throw away Voodoo because Voodoo is part of Africa.

Voodoo (juju) is on the rise in Nigeria because many people want to get rich to escape the poverty trap so because of these, they find the fastest way of getting rich which is Voodoo (Juju) sacrifice.

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