How To Use Quickteller To Pay Bills And Transfer Money

How To Use Quickteller

How To Use Quickteller To Pay Bills And Transfer Money

Payment made easy. Before Quick teller came out we all have to go out and make out various payment in person some times we do have to be on
Que before we can pay thing like Light Bill, DSTV subscription, School Fees and so many others. But things has changed since Quick Teller came in play. You ca make your payment without even moving an inch. www.quickteller is also easy to access. you can access Quickteller from your deaktop, laptop even your cell phone can also access Quickteller, with your cell phone you can even download the app and logged in any time you want to make payment. If you want to logged in with your desktop or laptop you. There are different between the desktop or laptop version and the cell phone version. The desktop version displays all the categories and pages on it. As of the the mobile version it is a little bit different, the mobile version is different and it si not totally efficient as it built to accommodate login from devices with low browser attributes.

The mobile app of Quickteller is the best, and it can work on any android devices like iPhone,iPad and many more android devices.

How to sign up to quickteller

Signing up for Quickteller is easy all you need to do is to get a functional e-mailand a valid phone number and then you are set to go. To begin you we have to log into after that you then click to sign up after that you then fill in your Names {first name and last name} and other important information. The last to do is just pick a solid password that you can remember and then check the terms and condition and click submit

You are not out of the wood just yet. After clicking on the submit bolton you will be asked to go to your e-mail ( Remember the e-mail you used in fill the quickteller} a link will be send to the e-mail for to be able to activate your quickteller account. After activation you can now use you Quickteller.

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How to send money with quickteller

Sending money with quickteller is quite easy as long as you have a working Quickteller account All you need is valid debit card if you want to do this

you have to first log in to after that you screw down to transfer or send money which what ever way it is shown and then enter the destination by selecting the name of the bank you are transferring the money to.Before you transfer the money you have to first put in the 10 digit bank account number of the person you want to transfer the money to there is a space were you can fill in the your name { The owner of the account} and once you fill in your name the bank’s name will automatically display But on certain occasions especially in cases of bad network, you have to input the name yourself. You then also have to put in the amount and remark which states your reason for sending the money.
When done with all of this click next and view the preview. If satisfied, click on pay where it will direct you to a web payment interswitch.

when you get to this stage you will be asked to fill in 14 to 16 digit number in front of your debit or credit card then you still get to fill in the valid date of the card, also the ccv number and your four digit pin. After do so a safe Token we be send to your valid mobile number in which you use to receive alert from your bank, the number will be 5 or 6 digit number depending on the kind of card you are using

With a clear network and credited account, you will be successful without glitch from anywhere , but if fruit do high-rise a card issue would be displayed. A fee of 53 naira would be charged.

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