Nollywood Registration And Audition Form Online

Nollywood Registration And Audition Form Online

Nollywood Registration And Audition Form Online Nollywood is a Nigerian Hollywood, Nigeria’s movie cinema and a huge
producer of home movies in the world. Passion is the main driving force behind talent, it is easy to have a talent but if you are not passionate about it, you would not make anything out of it. Acting makes people rich and famous. It is the dream of average person who idolizes actors and actresses to become one someday. But behind every good thing there is always a danger. Scam artists and fraudsters knows exactly what you are looking for. They have devised so many ways to lure vulnerable acting aspirants. The Nigerian movie industry has produced a lot of talented Nollywood actors and actresses. If you are reading this is assumed that you really want to make it big in the Nigeria movie industry ( Nollywood).

Before a movie stage is set, there has to be an audition, primarily for upcoming actresses and actors. During auditions, many actors are assigned a role to perform individually, and whoever does it best plays the role. This post is a detailed guideline on how to make it big in the Nigeria Movie industry, how to make contact with movie producers, proper steps to take during auditions and how to be well concentrated. Note: There is currently no registration nor Nollywood audition forms online. As soon as there is any audition available, I will gladly let you know. But for now, there is none. Do not pay anyone for any audition form, they will take your money and runaway!

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The Nigeria movie industry has done so much in recent times and this has given the industry recognition in the world. This is possible because the industry has the producers and movie directors and this producers and movie directors get the best talents Therefore, aspiring actresses and actors look out for as many auditions as possible. Since film locations are not exclusive to a particular region of the country, the opportunity is therefore open to people in different regions depending on the locations the producers choose

How to Succeed in Nollywood Audition To become the best you have to learn how to become the best that why will give the tips you need to become the best in your Audition, so you can stand out in the crown of thousand who are also Auditioning
for the same role that you are going for.

Make warm-up activities:

The first thing you need to do before you go for an Auditioning is to try and do a warming up activities. What i mean by warm-up activities is Show all familiar to you emotions, try to do it convincingly: show joy, surprise, frowning face. Let your friends or relatives to be judges, so they tried to guess the emotion, and at the same time, they will help you with understanding if you are convincing. If you could pass them then you are ready for the Audition

Calm down

This is one of the most important thing you need to know before your Audition i know you will be tense but try and remain calm it helps a lot. Always remember that excitement is enhanced by fear of the unknown.

Have good diction

This simply refers to the way you talk; you must sound nice and have the charisma to go with it. It is highly important to have a good diction and ability to express thoughts.

First impression

You the saying First impression matters, the same thing apples here It is necessary to decide what you want to wear, what makeup and hair dress to wear.

Be punctual:

Punctuality matter, never be late to you own auditions

Be natural:

You are constantly monitored by various person you don’t even know are watching you at the audition ground . Be natural, do not overact and you will succeed.

Be confident:

Confident is key to succeed in the industry Try to rehearse at home or in a public place. Dispel all doubts and fears. You must prove to the audition judges that your have what it takes to become a super star Therefore, during the audition you will be able to show all that you know and can do it without hesitation. Don’t be afraid to look like a fool, the main thing is not how foolish you look, but not to be a fool. Play as if nobody is watching you.

Be prepared

At the beginning, you will be asked to tell a little about yourself. You will have little time (about 3-5 minutes), premeditate your story. Go with something that will make stand out in the crowd

Make useful friends

Certainly a lot of people will want to come and take part in the audition. All you will be the competitors, it is better to treat it
more quietly. Instead of having to worry about who will be the best, try to make new friends, do not be so occupied with winning that you shun people.

Know what you want:

You have to know what you want before going for the audition in the first place Try to imagine nollywood movies starring you as a main actress. It is known, the glory does not come immediately. Even the smallest role, the same extras can affect your future career. So, go for it! It is time to promote the national cinema.

Nollywood Registration Process

In becoming a movie star in Nigeria one need to register with the AGN, AGN registration form is not online like what so many people are might to believe. you have to visit your local chapter in the state you live in and pick the form from the AGN state chairman. if you are in need of an assistant, whatsapp a movie director on 08032503651. he will guild you on what to do

How to Apply

This is how you can apply. I have done a lot of online registration to know a great deal about how online registration works. The fact is, online registration is done online. We cherish your opinion and we look forward to it. Hence, if you need us to feed you with more updated information at the right time about Nollywood 2018 Auditioning, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Link below

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