Steps On How To Subscribe GOtv With Your Mobile Phone


subscribing of your GOtv has been made easy, you can simply subscribe your GOtv from the comforte of your home with your phone. If you don’t know how it is done be rest assured you are at the right place because here in konews we will tell you how it is done. We will give you the tips and guide on how you can be to Subscribe with your phone without you going to the office of the GOtv.

Learning how to subscribe with your phone is very important because it will save a lot of time and stress. Technology world is now advancing for the better making thing a lot better and time saving.

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Note; Before you can be able to subscribe with your phone you must have data subscription in your phone.

How To Subscribe For GOtv On Android Phone

1. Through eTranzact

You can use USSD code to make payment also.

Simply dial *389*smartcardnumber# then follow the prompts. You can also pay through the GOTV website.

Select Country, input specific Smart card number and click VERIFY button.

On the page Click View Balance And Pay to proceed to the payment summary page showing date and amount due for payment

You will have to click Pay to proceed to the payment Subscription page showing Account Holder’s details

Select eTranzact payment option and select BankIT.

Enter Bank account details and select your Bank

Generate a 6-digit passcode and submit details

Dial *389*00# with the phone number that you used in opening the Bank account they will send you an OTP code.

Enter the OTP in the space provided and click Pay.

2. Through Remita.

Your decoder has to be On

Log on to and and choose the GOtv bouquet that you want to subscribe for.

Put in your E-mail address, IUC number and enter your phone number.

Click next to go to the next page.

Fill the GOtv subscriber’s name and make sure that your IUC number was filled correctly.

The next step is for you to click PAY and click on your ATM card type i.e, Verve or MasterCard

Enter your ATM card details i.e The Card Number and Expiry Date as it is on your ATM card and then enter your 4 digit PIN

The last step is for you to click PAY after filling all that is required of you, and your GOtv account will be credited your viewing will be restored.

3.Through GlobalPay

This is to tell you how you can make an online payment using via GlobaPay.

Go to and then log into your account.

Go to the Pay page and select GlobalPay and the fill in your payment details as required and then click on complete payment

you will be redirected to the GlobaPay website where you will be prompted to select your card type and the enter your Card Number and then click on pay.

You will be redirected back to your account on the GOtv Eazy website.

4.Through PayU

login to your account on eazy.

Enter the pay page and click on the PayU logo.

You will be redirected to the PayU payment page to enter your credit card details and complete the payment.

After processing of the payment and confirmation on PayU you will be redirected back to the eazy self service website.

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