Top 10 Nigerian Actors And Their Net Worth.


Richest Nollywood Actors

Today we are here to talk about who the richest actor in nollywood  at the moment is . Many people don’t really know who the Richest Nollywood Actors  is but here in konews that is what we are going to talk about is this post. Every day, a lot of persons ask a lot of questions on who is the richest actor in Nigeria 2018, who are those in the of top 20 richest nollywood actors. Nollywood is a multi million naira industry and definitely one of the biggest movie industry in the world. The Nigeria industry has help many actors and actresses in Nigeria find fame and money. Nollywood has produced superstars who has helped in reshaping the movies industry to what it is today.

The old movies such as Living in Bondage, True confession, When the Sunset, and Taboo paved the way for new generation movies in Nigeria.

Rumor has that the richest youruba actor in nigeria also happen to be the richest actor in Nigeria, after our research we found out that it was just a rumor. This list is for the richest nollywood actors 2018 no richest youruba actor is in the list and this list is not the same as the list of richest actor in nigeria 2017. Changes has made from the list of last year because a lot can happen in a year. In another of our post we talked about who the richest actress in Nigeria is, but we are not here to talk about that. I get to say you have to be such of the list of the richest actress in Nigeria 2018 that you see because some of them are not correct they are the same of last year.

The list of richest actor in Nigeria is not about who tops but to also give you in details those who are among the richest nollywood actors and their net worth. With their net you get to know that who tops really worth that position.

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This list comprises of old and the new generation actors like Kenneth Okonkwo, Olu Jacobs, Pete Edochie, O.C Ukeje and Nonso Diobi. Our ranking is based on endorsements deals and numbers of movie they’ve featured in. These are the full list of

Top 10 richest nollywood actors in Nigeria and their net worth.

1. Richard Mofe Damijo Net Worth – $15 Million



Richard Mofe Damijo also known as RMD is a veteran Nollywood actor who has featured in many blockbuster movies. Richard Mofe Damijo. He also does voice over for radio and TV commercials. Richard Mofe Damijo has signed some mouth watering deals for different companies and he is a former commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State. He has being in the Nigeria film industy for over 2 decades and has being able to amass a larfe fan base across Nigeria. He has bagged a ton of
wards for his works and his contribution to the movie industry.

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